In the beginning, god created artists.

A new year, a new chance to reach you and your interest in “Making Up America: A look at the familiar faces, who drive politics, movies, sports and beauty in and around the Nation’s Capitol.” Find out about the powerful people, who come to Washington, D.C. to make their mark on the world. Here is your chance to go behind-the-scenes.

People ask me to tell them about celebrities. I ask who they want to know more about. Actors and politicians usually top the list. My personal favorites are individuals, who posses beauty, intelligence and wit. Something about the person endears them to those working with them.

Everyone, including you, has a beautiful feature. My job is to enhance the natural beauty and strength in a subject for photography. My work has appeared on covers and editorial for Vanity Fair, GQ, Elle, The New Yorker, Esquire, Fortune, and The New York Times Magazine.

Let’s go over makeup tips that apply to everyday life to help you feel beautiful too. Tip for today: Hydrate for gorgeous skin.


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