Ladies of Obama

Last Friday, 1/23/09, I was booked for Elle to do makeup for women, who work for President Obama. Stylista Reality Show winner Johanna was on board as was Bob Nethery the photographer,  Joe Zee,  Annie Ladino and Sarah Schussheim the Stylists, and Jordan M doing Hair.

Check out the finished product at: 

The photo shoot had a mascot named Winston, the adorable Jack Russell belonging to Johanna.

Winston waits
Winston waits

The subjects were thrilled to be “playing dress-up” and “hooky” during their first week in office. Their excitement over working at the White House was muted by the fact that the technology in the West Wing was archaic compared to the campaign’s success with technology.

The scene was a fashion and working woman’s dream come true. Three racks of gorgeous designer clothes by Louis Vuitton, Armani, Bottega Veneta, Versace and Jason Wu in a melange of colors and textures were splayed out in the Willard hotel room. Rows and rows of shoes by Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik were lined up waiting to fit Cinderella. Accessories were lined, end to end, across a space that was expansive yet still not even close to what is used in fashion shoots. Some of the handbags were the price of  a small automobile. The hair station, in front of the mirror and makeup station against the window, with natural light streaming in were there to top off the looks of these busy women. One by one, they arrived ready to be turned into Goddesses: The Ladies of  the White House. What usually happens with subjects, who are not used to being photographed is that the most defiant and hesitant individual usually ends up looking the best. In this case, the speech writer for Obama, from Massachusetts blossomed into a beautiful, elegant, sophisticated woman. She wore Wu, the same designer that created First Lady Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress, with a soft cardigan. Our working woman transformed from bobby socks to sassy pumps, black pants to flouncy sheer cocktail dress, neglected hair to gorgeous tresses, and no makeup to a natural glow. Check out the looks in the A-ZEE , April, 2009 Elle issue devoted to Working Women.

You can visit another related blog about Mrs. Obama’s fashions, created by Mary Tomer.


Tip for today: Splurge on one designer item, whether makeup or a handbag to feel really spoiled. You definately deserve it.


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