Makeup Lesson I

Makeup Lesson I: Mastering Eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul. The brows are like a picture frame.  Your eyes tell people a lot about how you are feeling and they are often the focal point to enhance your beauty. Beginning with the brows, let them be! Your natural brow should be your guide. To achieve an arch use the pencil trick. Begin lining up the fullest part of the brow with the outside of your nose. The arch comes about 3/4  away from your nose and the end of the brow should line up with the outer part of your eye. Enhance the brow with powder or pencil. I prefer a powder (if you’re in a pinch,  a matte eyeshadow will do the trick) and the newest Anastasia’s  brow pen works like a marker. Just be careful it looks natural. Check your look in different mirrors and different light.

Depending on your eye shape, there are different ways to apply shadow and concealer. The key to mastering eyes  is understanding lightness and darkness. Light makes things stand out. Dark makes things recede. For example, if you have deep set eyes, you want to lighten. The opposite is true if your eyes protrude. Dark becomes your friend. Placement of light and dark is the key to shaping your eyes. A video will explain better. Keep a look out on this blog for future makeup lessons on video.

Concealer has mixed reviews on what color and where to place it. I have found that on mature skin a slightly reflective concealer bounces light off and makes the eye appear less tired. If there is puffiness around the eye, do not use lighter color there. As we just learned, dark will reduce a protrusion. The key to concealer is not too heavy not too light. Find the formula that is right for you. I suggest any of the swirl up sticks with the brush attached  from Dior, Jemma Kidd, or YSL,  and MAC (in the tube). The next best thing for tired eyes is sleep. Yup. Get at least 8 hours if you want to look young and rested. There is no substitute for sleep. Your brain will thank you and so will your friends and family.

Tip for today: Keep your brows as close to their natural shape as possible. Put the tweezers away for a week if you can.


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