The Smartest Woman in America

Photo-op with Hillary Clinton
Photo-op with Hillary Clinton

It was the second time I had the opportunity to do makeup for Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. After the first time, being so nervous that my hand was shaking as I applied blush for her finished look on Clinton’s Presidential Campaign website, I settled in this time to meet her, at a law office in D.C,. for the July cover of Fortune. Check it out at .

The prospect of doing makeup for no other subjects, besides Kevin Costner and Lynda Carter, ever made me shake in my shoes. To my relief,  I found Clinton to be friendly and more importantly extremely intelligent. Her leadership and drive were evident. She joked that she said something “stupid” at an earlier speech to which I replied that she should never doubt herself because she is in fact the smartest woman I have ever met.  She spoke to me with respect for my makeup skills and asked if I could do her makeup from scratch.

The photographer was Robert Maxwell a surfer dude from California. He had beautiful lighting setup for the photoshoot. Everything went like clockwork. Considering we were working with a high profile subject, the people on the set were very relaxed.  It was a pleasant experience. We even got a Polaroid with Senator Clinton and the photo crew.

What amazes me about people in a position like Clinton are the schedules they maintain and all the many things they are trying to accomplish. To give you an idea of how busy a typical day is, at the first makeup job she had just announced her run for President and by the evening I met her she had already had at least 5 people do her makeup on that day alone. Irregardless of your stance on politics, the people in the Nations Capitol responsible for our political system, whether Republican or Democrat, are highly educated, hard working and the majority of which are very bright. Let’s hope for the future of our country that they live up to these high expectations.


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