One career that should not go to the dogs

Hotel for Dogs is in theaters right now, starring one of my favorite actresses, Emma Roberts. Yes, she’s related to Julia Roberts and should do just as well as Aunt Julia to become a leading lady in Hollywood someday. Her father is Eric Roberts, Julia’s brother. I had the opportunity to meet Emma in Georgetown at the Four Seasons for her movie premiere of Nancy Drew.

Here is a beautiful young woman on the inside and out, who had to wait to earn a new “It Bag” from her mom, travels with a teacher and most likely has similar restrictions put on her that any teenager should. Unlike most teenagers her age,  Emma’s knowledge and love of quality makeup like Dior really impressed this makeup artist. Emma Roberts is clearly a sophisticated girl, she dressed in simple yet  high-end designer clothes like Chanel and yet still was sweet enough to ask about other kids and was wowed about her chance to visit the White House that day. I couldn’t say enough about her and the Washington Post writer included how I thought so “even after spending the entire day with her”. Check out the Washington Post Style article about her role as Nancy Drew at .

It wasn’t so much what Emma did that impressed me. It was what Emma didn’t do that got me in her graces. She didn’t complain, brag, or huff or puff through the makeup session for her press junket. She didn’t have an air about her or hint of entitlement. Emma was a perfect young lady, respectful and gracious. Hardly anything distinguishable compared to her cohorts in Hollywood, who grab headlines with their offensive actions.

Emma was kind enough to sign affectionate autographs with a huge heart, like her own, to young fans without hesitation or irritability. My hope for her is that she keeps her  kind ways as she grows into more mature roles.

Tip for Today: Keep skin young looking with a smudge of clear salve or balm on the bridge of the nose and just at the starting tip of the cheekbones. The moisture catches light and is radiant. Your skin will look illuminated from within.


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