The next Avedon visits the Federal Reserve

Platon is now the new “Avedon” for The New Yorker Magazine. It is quite an honor for this British born photographer that deserves a “Sir” next to his name. Platon’s lighting is unique and I can always tell when it’s his cover on a magazine or online. He makes subjects look larger than life. Check out his book , Platon’s Republic, available through I love how he captures, in his handwritten notes, famous people and their thoughts in the back of the book. He allows a glimpse into the world of politics and movies driven by the politicians’ and actors’ same quest for power. Even though Hollywood and Washington are not so different on the surface, Platon adds a humanistic quality to the photo shoots of famous people. He respects the individual. He seems to observe their ways and then notes their way of looking at the world.

I’ve had several chances to work with Platon,  the most recent being a visit to the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C. for a story that ran December 1, 2008 on Ben Bernanke in The New Yorker. Check it out at . We arrived during the initial wave of bailouts and it was a solemn time to be photographing the now Federal Reserve Chairman. Bernanke was very calm. He mentioned to stay the course. Tough words for tough times. Relief for Americans? I saw a story in The Washington Post where people gathered to smash cars in order to let go of their anxiety over the economy. I don’t know if you agree. It seems like a very temporary fix. Imagine being clothing designers, who are trying to remain true to their business of making beautiful clothes for important events. Fashion week begins in NYC. It’s difficult to get excited about clothes but we all still need to feel good and look good. People want their own bailouts. However, I think we have to take it upon ourselves to be optimistic and believe in the future.

Tip for Today: Buy or wear your favorite shade of lipstick or balm. Think spring. We need some bright thoughts and colors right now.

Photo by Platon
Photo by Platon

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