Jose Andres: Spanish Celebrity Chef with a Twist

I had the chance to meet up with Jose Andres, Spanish Celebrity Chef for an advertisement for the Spanish Olive Oil Industry. Excellent chefs, from around the country were in the spotlight  to show how they use Spanish Olive Oil in their cooking. Even the naked chef from Las Vegas was included. Since the chefs were being photographed individually and then placed together, via PhotoShop, I didn’t get to “see” the naked chef. Later, I found the advertisement in Cooking Light and thankfully all chefs were fully clothed.

I’ve always had a theory that people, who are good cooks are very loving. Butter is love. The profession of  chef  is about giving with the pure sense of selflessness. Now let’s take it to the next level. We have Jose Andres. Here is a man, who clearly enjoys what he does. While being photographed for the Washington Business Journal with a  fellow chef/restaurateur, the two men joked around like little school boys throwing their food  props  around and generally being silly. It was refreshing to see two grown businessmen so easily able to play around.

During the olive oil campaign photoshoot,  Jose was just as boyish. He had a easy way about him. He flirted with the camera. He acted like a star. His personality has to be as important as his cooking skills. Having started with two restaurants in Washington D.C., Jaleo and Zaytinya, he has now opened a restaurant in California named the Bazaar. He has a TV show “Made in Spain”, has been a guest on “Top Chef” on Bravo and has written a cookbook called “Tapas”.

I recall that he mentioned the idea of having Corporate Sponsors, the way Football Stadiums do like Coors Field, for bars in a restaurant. No word yet whether “Coca-Cola Corner”  will fly. I did ask Jose who his favorite football team was to which he replied, “Barcelona”. He may be proud to know that the Spanish Celebrity Chef, Jose Andres gets  more hits on Google Images than the footballer, Jose Andres Guardado does.

To read more about Jose Andres, Spanish Celebrity Chef visit the Wall Street Journal article about him in the World News section at


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