D.C. is the new Hot Spot for Reality TV Shows/Fashion/Movie Star Lobbyists

The Washington D.C. area is getting noticed. From Mrs. Obama’s fashions to Movie Stars spending time on the Hill. We’ve always seen the power of people in this part of the country and now Hollywood and NYC have competition for bragging rights. There are calls out for Reality TV shows about the power people of this area. Even the big names in entertainment are spending more time here making movies and lobbying for their causes. Visit the Reliable Source for the lastest information


On the press junket for her movie “Grey Matters”, Heather Graham came to town and visited her favorite lobbying group.  I did her makeup for the red carpet. Before we got started, to my surprise she said, “Do you mind if I do transcendental meditation (while you do my makeup)?”  Um. Sure. Never had anyone ask that before. My only concern was how to build a report with her, while she was closed off  in her own world. Eyes shut. Mind quiet. No interaction. The results are her for you to view. She requested a natural look and I feel like we got it.


My colleague, Richard, encouraged me to continue on for the second day of the job  because he felt it was a compliment  to me that she felt comfortable enough to relax, while I did her makeup. He believes that doing  makeup, while a subject remains silent is a pleasant way to achieve a beautiful look.

 After the job, my agent called me with a concerned voice.  She said, “Did you help Heather select her wardrobe?”. “No, I did her makeup and hair.” I said. “Oh that’s good.”, she said, “Because Heather’s on the ‘worst dressed’ list for this event in D.C.” Sure enough Us Magazine had aphoto of her wearing one of her friend’s designer dresses. Actually, she looked quite hip and California, but the reviewers didn’t like the outfit for Washinton D.C. events.


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