The Spring “Guess” Girl: The next topmodel with depth, modesty and intelligence

Audrey Chihocky is the auburn haired new Guess girl for their spring campaign. You may also recognize her from “Project Runway” 2005 season.

*WARNING:…………………. Spoiler Ahead…………guys out there…………………………….do NOT continue………….may ruin the ending……………*

What you don’t know about her is that she is local girl gone good. Here is a model, represented locally with T.H.E. Artist Agency, who works in several markets including Miami and Los Angeles. Audrey is the type of person, who is smart and beautiful and gets my nod as one of the best talents in the industry. She has “it”. She doesn’t boast or brag. She works hard, gets the job done without any baggage and  has depth and determination. Most importantly, Audrey is a smart business person. You can view her portfolio at

I’ve had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions and it is always a pleasure to do her makeup. In fact, her look is catching on (aside from her jobs for Tommy Hilfiger, Guess and Project Runway), the other models at the St. John’s Fashion Show in D.C. requested I do their makeup like hers! Wanting her “look”  is the ultimate compliment to Audrey. She just brushed it aside as no big deal. See for yourself from the candid photo I shot of her (Audrey is on the right)  at the St. John’s Show.  You “glow” girl!



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