Arnold Schwarzenegger: Star Power in D.C.


The “Governator”, as the Washington Post  refers to Arnold Schwarzenegger, was the star power at the Gridiron Club party that Obama missed in D.C.  Lucky for Washingtonians to get to know another powerful figure in American Politics.

photo by platon
photo by platon

Arnold was a great man to meet. Governor Schwarzenegger has a presence that I could only imagine Ronald Reagan must have had with people. Similar Hollywood industry, the two actors shared but totally different in that Arnold came from Austria to go on to live the American Dream. Here is an individual, who made himself a success through hardwork and determination.

His confidence and desire to be engaging and appealing  for the cover of  TIME  , shot by Platon, made our day a pleasant experience. The Governor let me “do my job” to help him look his best. He willingly gave an autograph and encouraged my bodybuilder nephew to go to Columbus, Ohio for the Schwarzenegger event that is held there every year. More importantly, Arnold spoke highly of his family.

Let me just say, I couldn’t get over the size of his hands! With charisma to match, Arnold’s personality was larger than life. He still carries himself as Mr. Olympia. It’s just that he now wears a suit and tie. Too bad he can never run for President.


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