Nancy Pelosi with CosmoGirls’ 2024 Interns, GQ’s Politcally Powerful and Vanity Fair’s Humanitarians

 Three times was a charm, as I did makeup and hair for Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi for CosmoGirl. The article is online, through the link at the end of this blog. The first meeting, with Madame Speaker, was for Vanity Fair to photograph the  people involved in the “One” campaign started by Bono. She was fresh off her start as third in command of the free world. The second time (see photo below)  I did her makeup and hair was for GQ’s  power in politics issue.

The protocol that day was typical for a Capitol visit. Getting a secured parking space at the Capitol Building, the trip through security and the banter of setting up for the portrait was all familiar to me. Her staff was cordial and offered sound advice. After waiting in the gorgeous space, with lofty ceilings and beautiful classic molding around the ceilings, she arrived in a flurry to sit down in the staff office space. Immediately, I knew that Madame Speaker likes to get things done right the first time and efficiently.

When we went outdoors onto the Capital steps, people were waving, calling out to her, and taking photos and videos of the photoshoot. My job was to keep the winds from doing damage to her hair.  I took solace in the fact that there was plenty of security around us. I kept worry she might accidentally slip, as the photographer asked her to descend the flight of Capitol steps over and over to get the shot. As you can see below, it all worked out well for the GQ editorial spread.

For the CosmoGirl photoshoot, we were back at it again on the Capital steps.  Madame Speaker warmly greeted the young, politically active women chosen by the magazine to represent future potential politicians. At the conclusion of the photo session, Madame Speaker was walking back to her office. An Indian man stopped her to take a video and said. “I am from India”. She respectfully replied, “Oh, I’ve just come back from Bangladesh…lovely country.” They seemed to exchange warm feelings. She turned to walk away and he said to the crew, “Who is she? What is her name? “. Gasp. We were stunned. Madame Speaker continued on her way. He repeated, “What is her name? Is she an important person? I didn’t even shake her hand!”  We recommended that the tourist google “Pelosi” to find out!



photo by jeff riedel
photo by jeff riedel

















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