Iann McCabe: Colorist to the Maximist

color by iann mccabe
color by iann mccabe

Attention ladies and gentlemen.

If you live in the Baltimore/Washington Corridor and you want the magic touch to your hair color, you need to see Iann  McCabe at Lluminaire Salon. Anyone wanting the star treatment for weddings should contact Dean Krapf.


Iann is a rising star in the world of hair. Catch him while you can. He has trained with Vidal but more importantly, he has a unique passion for hair color that started young and is evident in the meticulous way he treats roots and strands. Plan to spend some time with him because the process is not for those who are rushed. He is so committed to color that he does not do cuts or styling anymore (unless it’s a special need). Above is a Polaroid of me, taken in the Capitol Building to check lighting  for a GQ  photoshoot. The history behind these walls really echoes. I’m always in awe of our country when I step inside the Capitol. Just look at the gorgeous paintings and details on the walls. When the photo was taken, I just had my hair done by Iann.  For a better view, you can also see his work on the cover of Baltimore Magazine’s top salon issue from 2008.




Thank you to Pascale Lemaire, reality show Style Mestar, who sent me to Iann. For those of you, who need a wardrobe stylist, Pascale is the best and she’s here in D.C. She made it possible for me to achieve my success in D.C. When I started in this market, four years ago, I called her at Baltimore Magazine to ask for a chance to get into the market. I was inspired by the author of  the Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling. In an interview, Rowling said she used to write her stories during her children’s naps. I figured if she could do that, I could do something similar to continue my career by making some phone calls to the people, who’s work I admired in this area. My agent, T.H.E. Artist Agency, has a 20+ year history in Washington, D.C. built by Lynda Erkiletian and Elizabeth Centenari. I commend them for all their work to make this a great market for stylists.

Checkout agencies, models, and stylists from across the country at


 Thank you Pascale and T.H.E. Artist Agency’s Lynda, Elizabeth, Betsy, Heather and Krystal. You are all special to me. Best wishes to Iann. Please let me know in advance if you ever plan to move to California or New York!


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