Your comments about “Making Up America”

You are why this blog exists.

Now it’s your chance to tell “Making Up America” what kind of stories you want to read. So far, you’ve made the story about fashion model, Audrey Chihocky and the Ladies of Obama in Elle Magazine the top posts. Three Cups of Tea, Obama and Jaime Windon have the discussion starting.


Please add your thoughts in the comment section.

photo by jamie windon
photo by jamie windon

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2 thoughts on “Your comments about “Making Up America”

  1. Okay. So my readers are a little shy about commenting. I did ask my makeup assistant and seriously inspirational artist, Leah Bassett, what she wanted to read about in this blog. She said, in similar words, you should talk about what it’s like to build relationships with people in the industry and how important those connections are to be successful.

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