Mrs. O is Right on Target with Fashion Followers

If you are interested in the fashions of Michelle Obama, you need to visit the site

Mary Tomer, a Boston College graduate working at the Advertising Agency of Bartle Bogle Hegarty in NYC has struck blogging gold with a site that follows the daily fashions of the First Lady. She even has a book deal on the the subject. Talk about an inspirational story for bloggers everywhere! Better yet, Mary is not too busy to return emails. Thanks Mary. I commend your effort to keep in touch during this whirlwind of interest in your site.

I expected to read a mention of the Mrs. O site in The Washington Post Style section, which  reported today that everyone is following her and wondering “What is she wearing today?”

If you are interested in makeup, which I gather you are because you are reading Making Up America, there is hope that makeup and potentially hair will be added to the site. As the Post reported, we know that Johnny Wright is the go-to guy for styling the First Lady’s hair. Ingrid Grimes-Myles, her campaign trail and current makeup artist is from Chicago. No word yet who here official White House makeup artist is. Michelle Obama’s press secretary told me that she is very competent doing her own makeup. Which considering the royal circle Mrs. O  has been privy to this week, she is in good company with the Queen, who is also noted for doing her own makeup. Vanity Fair’s Annie Leibovitz crossed the pond to photograph her majesty and reported as such in her book Annie Leibovitz at Work. If you are interested in a career related to photography, you can learn a few good tips about the industry in this book.


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