Ben Affleck: (Un)Afflec(ted)


As I entered the suite at he Ritz Carlton in Georgetown, I noticed the Red Sox Baseball Cap on the table. the pennant race was on between the Cleveland Indians and the Boston Red Sox. To break the ice I said, “I’m a Tribe fan”. To which Ben responded, “Excuse me, what?”. I explained, “You know…the Cleveland Indians?” Ben mocked, “Oh, that’s okay. You can still do my grooming.” For baseball fans, the record at that point in time was that Cleveland was up 3 games to 1 but later lost the series 4-3.

A firm Obama backer, even before the President was ahead in the Democratic Campaign, Ben is knowledgeable regarding politics.  Ben seemed to perk up whenever a discussion involved the Presidential campaign. In his new movie, “State of Play” due in theaters April 17, 2009, he plays an investigative journalist trying to solve a murder of a congressman’s mistress. The wennblog noted that “the actor is glad to have made the movie – because it has given him a different view of the people who interview him on on a regular basis.” Ben is softening.

For the fans of Celebrity Baby Blogs, Affleck appeared on Leno’s Tonight Show talking about the challenges of fatherhood. Ben talked about feeling “self-conscious” in front of an entire Mexican restaurant as Violet repeated a German swear word that he had used when she intentionally spilled the drinks at their table. Check out the video on People’s Celebrity Baby Blog.

Getting back to the end of the day I worked with Ben, when I finished his grooming, he said, with total honesty, sincerity and apprehension, “How do I look?”. I cannot remember my exact response but fI said something to the effect that he looked fine. The question has never come from English actors, like Joseph Fiennes and  Matthew Goode, for whom I’ve done grooming. Keep posted for upcoming entries on Making Up America about my personal favorite actors to work with, who are typically English actors and directors. What’s in the water over the pond (i.e., in England)?  I suppose the most confident actors in America come from the stage, like Laura Linney, who swears that everything she needs to know about life she learned on the stage.


2 thoughts on “Ben Affleck: (Un)Afflec(ted)

  1. Hi Susan…

    This blog is not really negative, like others may interpret. But rather, you simply conveyed your one-time experience with Ben Affleck. You’re right, he is a very politically active celebrity, and seeing how the Red Sox were down in the series, perhaps he just needed a respite — and you were kind enough to provide it. I say just “keep on blogging.”

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