Washington Capitals: Change that needs to show in a win on Saturday

backstrom photo by phil mucci
backstrom photo by phil mucci
theodore photo by phil mucci
theodore photo by phil mucci
ovechkin photo by phil mucci
ovechkin photo by phil mucci
The ESPN Magazine campaign from the October 2008  issue impressed that “Change” was coming in 2009 with the Capitals leading the way in hockey. Jose Theodore hypothetically called a press conference to answer questions regarding the strategy to win against their opponents.  Backstrom and the others were photographed to show that they would make sure there was heavy security to protect their team leader, Alex Ovechkin. Ovie appeared to deliver a State of the Team speech for all the Capitals’ fans. 
In reality, winning the Best of 4 against the Rangers will push the Capitals to the next round on their way to the Stantley Cup.
For the latest on the current statistics and story, go to USA Today at the link http://content.usatoday.com/sportsdata/hockey/nhl/game/Rangers_Capitals/2009/04/15
Like the President of the United States, the team  realizes that winning the campaign is just the beginning. The Presidency and the playoffs are a new game. Now every shot counts. Good luck Caps on Saturday.
For grooming details about this photo shoot, go to my previous post under “Ovie & the Washington Capitals”.

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