Wedding Makeup: (I)Do’s and (I)Don’ts

mascara application photo by jaime windon
mascara application photo by jaime windon

 What more important day to look your best? Weddings come with a lot of pressure to meet your personal ideal. The following is a quick list of do’s and don’ts to consider.

Do/  Don’t

Keep the makeup natural/ Be trendy

( Your wedding photos should be timeless and that includes your makeup.)

Select a lipcolor that matches your lips/ Use a lipcolorwith too much shine or iridescence

(The focus should be on your overall glow and anyway you’ll be giving out a lot of kisses.)

Use waterproof mascara/ Wear false eyelashes unless you’ve tried them on previously

(Plan on some tears on this emotional day and keep away from spider eyes unless false lashes are applied properly.)

photo by jaime windon
photo by jaime windon

Keep the foundation and concealer light weight/ Wear heavy makeup which could get on you and your groom

(A natural glow is best and the white wedding gown should stay that way.)

Be radiant in your own way through exercise/ Get the airbrushed fake tan or worse sunburn

(See above. Plus, we all know the sun damages skin. You want to look good at your 50th Anniversary!)

Practice the wedding makeup before the big day/ Rely on your regular way of doing makeup

(It’s best to try out the products and colors on your skin and consider the climate on that day.)

Photograph the wedding makeup to see how it looks/ Assume it looks the same in person as it does in pictures

(Also, black and white photographs are more flattering. You can wear deeper colors if your photos are primarily B &W.)

Wear a bronzer for warmth/ Wear a bronzer with sparkles or iridescence

(A bronzer with speckles of shiny mica reflects light and can distort your photograph if the light bounces back into the camera lens.)

Blend out your makeup lightly onto neck and ears/ Stop with a hard edge along the face

(Your skin should shine through and there should not be a perceptible line where the makeup ends.)

Keep in mind what makes you unique/ Try to be someone else

(Use your outstanding feature, like eyes, to emphasize.)

Go shopping for wedding makeup/ Use your old makeup

(Keep in mind your honeymoon makeup, when purchasing new makeup.)

Consult a professional/ Hire them unless you do a practice look

(A makeup artist can enhance your look and tailor to your needs.)

Enjoy your day/ Fuss over too many details except the fact that you will enjoy the special moment!

(This is one day you want to remember and the more fun you have with your groom, the more you and your guests will enjoy the day.)

photo by jaime windon
photo by jaime windon

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