Disney’s Earth Day: Mother Nature & England in Spotlight




Earth Day April 22, 2009.

Since 1970, when the Senator from Wisconsin began the national day (well, it could have been Cheese Day today!) we’ve been celebrating a day that Mother Nature would be proud. Now it’s Disney’s turn to celebrate Nature with Earth.If you go see the film this week, Disney will plant a tree for you. I had the opportunity to meet the directors Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield. Lovely chaps, who should be proud to document amazingly footage of never seen before wildlife. After the evening, when I did their grooming, their 15 seconds of fame came the next day at the ringing of the opening bell of the NYSE on April 1, 2009. It was an easy plug for the movie. How is Disney stock doing?


I’ve been asking everyone why English actors, directors, musicians and entertainers seem better than Americans. Just look at the viral success of  Britain’s Susan Boyle as an example. After I mentioned my favorite English Director, John Madden (Shakespeare in Love), the English directors of Disney’s Earth disagreed with me and said we have some really good American directors. No names mentioned but they spoke with sincerity. That’s the great thing about English manners. Even when a leading statement is made, they politely decline the compliment.

Why do you think England has better entertainers?

Check back soon for photos and stories about my favorite English actors.


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