Models Like Movies: Glamour Better Than the Everyday Especially During Recession

makeup by susan heydt
makeup by susan heydt

In the Washington Post article, by Robin Givhan from the Style and Art section from May 3, 2009, she writes that “models as muse”  through the years has taken models from personalities to bodies selling clothes. The article corresponds with a photo exhibit featuring Kate Moss at the MOMA.

photo by jamie windon makeup by susan heydt
photo by jamie windon makeup by susan heydt


Models are like movies. They are eye candy and especially fun to watch during our current recession. We know it’s not reality that they have makeup, hair, lighting, stylists, photographers and photoshop editing in their favor. However, we still look to fantasy over the everyday. Isn’t that why we go to the movies? Entertainment is our way to escape. Whether models are selling clothes with their personality or bodies or both is a mute point because ultimately they are treated as “hangers” or “mannequins”. How we view them is usually distorted. How they achieved celebrity status is a recent phenomenon discussed in Givhan’s article. At times, the pendulum is actually swinging toward reality as Polaroids and impromptu cellphone photos are the only real images of people. Maybe that explains the interest in celebrity photos of  a star at the grocery store or picking up their children from daycare.  

If everyone who said they wanted me to do their makeup everyday actually hired me, I’d have to use a cloning machine to be 1,000 different places at a time each day. I always say that it can be arranged just like Oprah has Reggie. We all could be fabulous models with a crew of help. Just remember that pictures on magazine covers can be doctored to remove, add, enhance or highlight the subjects features until you don’t recognize them in person.


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  1. yo!!! i’m so impressed!!! wow. i googled making up america and saw two postings on there, but wasn’t sure this was you till i searched on wordpress.

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