English Actors Part II: Ode to Mother’s Day

jim sturgess at korean memorial
jim sturgess at korean memorial


English actors, in general, have an unassuming heir, an easy yet intellectual manner. Let’s not forget to include their charm plus impeccable manners any mother would love. So is the case with Jim Sturgess, the leading man in the movie 21 that came out last spring. As this mother’s day approaches, let him be the example of a well rounded actor and son, who’s mother should be extremely proud.

Jim is also musically talented. In between interviews and photos for his press junket, he just started tinkling the ivories in the Ballroom entrance of the Four Seasons in Washington, D.C. When asked about practicing the piano he said (don’t listen mom because no one is perfect), “As soon as someone insisted I practice, I quit.” No problem. He seems to play with passion and really that’s all a mother can hope for.

Mr. Sturgess was equally passionate about the interview process of selling movies. After a set of interviews with local newspapers, radio and websites, he revealed that he felt “exposed” as he “told them everything” about himself. When we talked about being funny and I pondered where “humor” is located in the brain, he said, “Wit….yeah if I was funny it would be great!”. Maybe his sense of comedy is lacking compared to fellow English actors but Jim is right in line with his politeness. While walking into a TV interview, I noticed a young lady telling Jim she was a huge fan. He obliged with an autograph and photo. I mentioned to Jim later that the Washington Post reported that comedian David Chapelle‘s response when a stranger told him “I’m your biggest fan.” David replied, “I always wanted to find my biggest fan!”  To which Jim said, “Hey, can I use that one?”.  So, Jim is collecting comedy material. We support you on that effort.

Working with Mr. Sturgess, a young up and coming actor was an easy way to spend the afternoon. The notable event, however, was Jim’s interest in American History. He insisted that our entourage stop by the National Mall. Quietly, without the hoopla of the press or frenzied fans, Jim posed by the Lincoln Memorial  and asked us questions about the significance of the President. Later, he really took his time studying and photographing the Korean Memorial. It was refreshing to see a young Hollywood actor consumed by history.

When I got Jim’s autograph in the best selling book “21”, about the MIT graduates temporarily taking over Vegas,  Jim happily signed it to my husband, “MAKE IT COUNT!!”

I know his mother would be proud.


4 thoughts on “English Actors Part II: Ode to Mother’s Day

    1. Glad you enjoyed the entry about Jim Strugess. He’s a keeper. Check back because I’m adding another photo of him from the press junket from 21.

  1. The following comment is from IMDB message boards…

    I don’t want you to think I try to promote him and I’m afraid I sound like fangirl..but he is also hard worker,very down-to-earth,open and honest person.Everyone who met him said nothing but nice things about him.IMHO for him, “lies his age” idea is just not good idea.(Sorry,it seems like my post lasts forever.It’s just in case.It’s from makeup artist’s blog,who worked for him before.She captures his personality well.)

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