Opera Singer for a Day

The Washington National Opera hired me to do makeup for some of their Opera Singers last year during a promotional campaign. One of the singers mentioned that if she could she would want to be a  Makeup Artist. Funny. I always thought it would be incredible to be an Opera Singer for a day to experience first hand the passion, the dramatics, and the beautiful voices.


The photo above includes the singer Vittorio Grigolo. To view more pictures from this photo shoot go to the bottom of his official webpage.


I didn’t get to see if the female singer (not shown) could apply makeup well. However, Vittorio knew exactly where to do shading of his features for the best results. Contouring can do wonders if done properly. For those interested in carving out more statuesque features, one of the oldest tricks to make the nose appear smaller is to use a darker tone down both sides of the nose with a slightly lighter strip of color straight down the middle. For high cheek bones, smile! Just under where the “apple” forms, blend out darker contour color fading outwards to the ears. On the “apple” apply blush, which  should be the natural shade you get when you exert yourself. Ultimately, it’s about blending and proper brushes. Practice the contouring and take a photo to see if it looks natural. Remember to use a light hand to apply the makeup.


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