Ask Questions: How to do Makeup & Stories behind Familiar Faces



huffington post inspiration

photo by jaime windon….inclusion inspired by a blog in the huffington post….check out my comment and see if you agree with the reply. The article is about the importance of headshots.


It’s Q & A time.

You send me your questions and I’ll answer your makeup/grooming challenges or share human interest stories about the people you want to hear about.

Just call me Dear Makeup Artist!

Here’s a first question frequently asked by clients.

Q: What is your favorite product?

A: Smashbox PhotoFinish. It’s like Spackle to fill in the lines and cracks. It is a primer to be used alone or before you put on   foundation and concealer. You can get it through Sephora and it comes in SPF and color corrector colors. Your skin will look smoother and you will not believe your eyes. The ladies where running to the Smashbox counter at a Nordstrom’s Trend Show years ago. PhotoFinish is the one thing that has to be in my makeup kit at all times. One PR person said to me about their client, “What did you do? He looks great.” I’ve given clients bottles of it from my kit. Everyone, male or female over 30 years-old, needs PhotoFinish in their arsenal.


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