English/Euro Actors: Part III

Hey, wait a minute. The title of this blog is Making Up America not Making Up Europe. Why is the top blog for this site about English and European Actors? Well in all fairness, they are English/Euro actors performing in the United States. So, technically it is about happenings in North America just not with US citizens. Take Julie Delpy, for instance.

makeup by susan heydt/photo by pouya dianat for washington post
makeup by susan heydt/photo by pouya dianat for washington post

Here is a Parisian born starlet (Before Sunrise and Before Sunset), who’s political awareness was heightened when she asked me if I thought it would be bad for her career that she was a protester. She held up a “no war” type of sign in front of the White House during her press junket in D.C.back in August of 2007.  I reminded her about the Dixie Chicks and thought she could conclude a similar fate for herself. Again, as we mentioned in the blog about why English/European actors are better than American actors, the french accent is beautiful to listen to and wins out over plain English. After talking rapid Francais with her mother on the cell phone, she spoke fondly of her French parents and the French lifestyle.

Julie spoke at length about natural remedies in medicine and seemed knowledgeable about the medical community. She  knew a lot about mercury poisoning that she swore affected her with tingling in her extremities from the removal of  her dental fillings. A possibly sensitive person, she even got food poisoning the morning of the press junket. I thought she was having morning sickness and didn’t know she was pregnant, but that was not the case at all. Bad eggs were the culprit. Yuck.

Like Tilda Swinton, Julie possesses an easiness to treat people with respect and interest. Both actors shared their personal lives and genuinely engaged in conversation about human interest subjects. Tilda talked openly about her children and photography. Julie talked about her family and personal care issues. Both are a refreshing breath of air in a sometimes stale atmosphere of stardom and unobtainable world of movie stars. I’ve often returned home thankful that most of us have a simple life without the microscopic analysis from the press and public to confer with. Don’t you think it would get tedious to sign autographs all the time and not be able to just go get a cup of coffee without being spotted?  Sure the money would be nice, but what price for freedom?

If you are interested in the actors, check out the articles about both Tilda and Julie in the Style section of  The Washington Post.



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