Ben Vereen: A Man on a Mission to Raise Diabetes Awareness

ben prior to fox interview
ben prior to fox interview
ben on set for AARP show "my generation"
ben on set for AARP show "my generation"

Here is a man with energy and compassion to spare. So, two  years ago when he had very little, he figured there must be something going on. Diabetes Type II was the reason. Having been diagnosed and now with a game plan for living, Ben Vereen is touring the US to raise awareness of Diabetes to make a difference in the world.

With an easy smile and quick wit, it is no wonder this lifetime entertainer is so well received. Ben’s sense of style is even energetic! Wearing Converse sneakers, a suit, a prayer bracelet and dangling earring, he looks like he could break into a dance at any moment. When asked to do so on the AARP show “My Generation” he does so willingly.

The best part of being around Ben is his sense of enjoying life. The glass is definately half full. He seems content knowing that if he can help one person realize that they may have Diabetes and to act accordingly to get a new lease on life, then he has done his job.

When asked what he does for exercise to combat Diabetes he said, “I’m a dancer, I dance.”

On a side note, Ben came to perform at Obama’s inauguration. When he got there, there was a mix up and he didn’t have to go on. He was determined to stay and ended up performing anyway at a different venue. The show will go on.

To learn more about Ben’s schedule checkout his website

To view the video from AARP go to


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