Legacy of Marines


Making Up America covers all kinds of people, who live in and visit  the Nation’s Capital. For a Vanity Fair assignment, to do grooming for a Three Star General, Greg Newbold, took discipline, knowledge and respect for our United States Military, specifically, the Marines. I knew better to address the “General” in no other terms. The surprise for me came after what seemed to be a typical photo shoot, besides the fact that the subjects were opposing President Bush before many were openly admitting. Politics are often central to subjects in Washington, D.C.

After talking about everyday issues and nothing phenomenal, when I mentioned to the General that my father was a Marine, he said that my dad should be content knowing the most important legacy for a Marine has been fulfilled by raising an offspring like myself. It was and continues to be the nicest thing a relative stranger has ever said to me. I would have thought that mental toughness or critical thinking or military might would be the most important legacy for a Marine not family.

Everyone, who ever defended our country, should be given the respect, dignity and extended hand of applause and awe.

Thank you to every soldier for making our freedom possible.

God bless America.

To get a feel for what it’s like to be a Marine, visit the Marine Museum in Quantico, VA. I must say from personal experience that I cringed when I tried the new recruits’ tube, where you step in a glass, sound proof enclosure and receive direct commands from your commander.  Yikes! The screams and shouts demanding action where more than I could bear. If you prefer literature, you can read about “the few, the proud the marines” at



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