Bridal Babe-ilicious: Advice About Wedding Makeup From a Bride


photos by jamie windon/makeup by susan heydt


Stefanie was a perfect bride. Enthusiastic, engaging, and open to learning about makeup. Jamie Windon ( referred Stefanie to me for her big day. The following is an excerpt from an interview with Stef about her wedding makeup experience.

1. If any, what was the Best Kept Secret about getting your Bridal Makeup done?

“Well, I had never had my makeup done, so did not know what to expect. (I) was VERY pleasantly surprised that the makeup looked  natural and how you were able to really bring out my eyes. You eased any nervousness I had. (For those you getting married) it can be a lot of  fun.”

2. How well did the makeup last?

“SO good! I got my makeup done around 10:00 a.m.  and it still looked great in photos after 10:00 p.m. I did not touch up at all outside of lip gloss.”

3. What surprised you about your Bridal Look?

“The reactions! So many people commented on my makeup and how blue my eyes were! It was really natural and it looked very good in pictures!”

4. Now that you look back on your wedding day and the photos, what would you have done differently about your makeup?

“(I would have) taken more notes so I could attempt to recreate (the makeup) on my own at home.”

***Note to readers & brides: We do a practice makeup prior to the wedding. Maybe we should do a follow-up makeup after the wedding for everyday looks.

5. Speaking of everyday makeup, what about the Bridal Makeup did you take with you?

“I have started doing my eyes up a little more, using a little more blush, and bought the lipstick (you recommended).”

6. The bridesmaids and moms received full and partial makeup. How did they like the makeup?

“LOVED your expertise, that you were easy going, and your fun attitude! My bridesmaids and moms loved getting made up. Each one commented to me about how they liked how (their makeup) was done and how you were great to work with. You really worked so well with all of us and with the hair stylist to make the morning go very smoothly!”

***Note to Brides: Stef was very organized with a schedule for vendors, which made her morning go like clockwork.

“You did  AMAZING things with the moms in eliminating wrinkles and making their eyes (glow). They loved it!”

7. Please share with other Brides what was most important to you about your Makeup Artist.

“You were very flexible and really listened to what I wanted for my makeup. You were great to work with in determining a customized package for the rest of the bridal party. I really appreciate it! I am SO happy and fortunate that I was referred to you. Your work is FANTASTIC.”


My sincere thanks to Stef  for her comments about her experience with me! Best Wishes to you!


3 thoughts on “Bridal Babe-ilicious: Advice About Wedding Makeup From a Bride

  1. I was one of Stef’s bridesmaids who had full make up done by Susan and could not agree more! It was the first time I had my make up done professionally and was a little nervous but it turned out fabulous! Susan was awesome! I was amazed at what a difference it made in pictures and how long it lasted. I didn’t want to wash my face that night! I highly recommend her to any bride who’s considering!

    1. Thank you Alicia for your kind words! So pleased that you liked the makeup we did. Too funny that you didn’t want to wash “it” off. Although makeup is a fleating art that’s only meant to last for one day and night, thank goodness for amazing photographers, like Jamie, who capture the beauty of the moment and make the memory timeless. I’m glad your wrote because bridesmaids are an integral part of the wedding. I recommend that bridemaids get a once over by the makeup artist, whether full or partial makeup, so that everyone in the bridal photos looks finished and compatible.

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