Runway Models Masked with Black

Neiman Marcus backstage
Neiman Marcus backstage


Raccoon Eyes are not my favorite look for runway models, however, what the client wanted was delivered. Such was the case with the Neiman Marcus Lafayette Show this past Saturday. The masked models’ black eyes really did pop as is the case with theatrical makeup. I was initially wary but eventually able to boldly go with the pitch black midnight look. My “natural makeup” touch took time to release the inner “vampire diva”.

To see the transformation come to fruition, as young ladies go from girl-next-door college students, dance majors and first-time -moms graduate to high fashion models. The six foot models balancing on platform shoes with hair and makeup extremes that require a tone done to make it out to the light of day. The black eyes and contoured cheeks drew the  viewer into the masked models’ clothing. The vampire analogy really comes into play.

With intense makeup comes high drama nerves. Tensions always run high prior to runway shows and backstage is where the crescendo usually occurs. Once the models are out on the runway, everyone seems to settle into their jobs. The reason for runway shows is to inspire designers and hence buyers. The understanding of why we do what we do is revealed by the applause of the audience. The sales numbers speak volumes. But for now, we enjoy the moment.

The energy of the participants and audience peaked when Whitney Houston‘s new song “I Look to You” was blasting out of the speakers. Backstage the nerves dissipated as the dressers, organizers and hair and makeup got into the feeling. Even in a subdued way, it was fun to enjoy fashion at that moment  just as Anna Wintour’s inspired “Fashion Night Out” hoped to achieve. The show at least made one want to go out and buy something like an accessory.  The cinched waist, black leather belt, to add to clothes you already own seemed to be popular. The Fashion Industry needs people to start buying again. Who needs a reason to buy?  Consumers do. The Black Out in fashion shopping, like the runway models black eyeshadow, may be over someday soon. Until then, it’s fun to enjoy shopping  and dark makeup  even with a skeptical wallet and eye.

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2 thoughts on “Runway Models Masked with Black

    1. fashion show work in dc is obtained through an agent. makeup and hair people are hired by the stores, when they contact the agency. makeup and hair people take direction from the designer to achieve a look for the clothing line and season. most often there is a photo of makeup and hair, from advertising or runway, to view prior to getting the models ready for the show.

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