Actors vs. Politicians: Who Garners More Interest?

Ben Affleck at NBC


Arnold Schwarzenegger sits for Time photoshoot

Barry Levinson, director and writer of Poliwood, is giving us a chance to take an interesting look at Hollywood and D.C.’s volital mix. Who has more influence? Do the politicians or the actors sway our judgement more? In Making Up America, both groups hold the most interest for the readers. Models come in a close third. When you combine both groups, say with Arnold Schwarzenegger  or potentially Ben Affleck, the interest level rises to Ronald Reagan heights. Why do we love to read about these celebrities? 

The top reasons may be….

5. Movie Stars and Politicians make the same mistakes as “Real People” just on a grander scale.

4. Their stories are an entertaining way to escape the doldrums and dream about how we can achieve power and glory while leaving a legacy.

3. Dirty Laundry.

2. They do affect what happens in this country.

1. Actors and Politicians are like the “Popular” kids in High School. We like to look up to the Homecoming King, Queen and Class President. The stereotypes from school are easier to hold onto and how we formed our relationships to go out and thrive in the world.


To view Showtime’s schedule for Poliwood go to:


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