Top Ten Reasons Not to Follow the White House Gate Crashers

UPDATE for followers:

The Wall Street Journal reports today 02/26/10 that Desiree Rogers will leave the White House in March.

With all the hype around the Salahi‘s White House Crashing, here are 10 good reasons (think of Lucy with two fists forming as she shakes them at Linus) not to follow the stories swarming around the couple.

10. You are missing your Holiday Shopping through Amazon with all the wasted time following the links and video footage of the same 5 shots of the couple.

9.  Your Boss will notice that you are not up to speed on your work that is already suffering due to distractions from this time of year.

8.  Bravo wins by pulling you into the show that hasn’t even finishing filming yet.

7. Your children will think you lost every rational bit of brain matter by reading multiple theories how the couple got in because they “looked the part”.

6. Reporters will just be giving out information to aid unwanted intruders.

5. We are wasting precious productivity in America, at a time when, we can’t afford to by checking to see who testified or not.

4. The Internet will definitely swallow up magazines and newspapers, once and for all,  by being the first source for gossip and news.

3. Crazy people will feed on the publicity given to the crashers and vow to do their part to seek attention.

2. The Crashers’ lives will go on and survive, like Mr. Woods, with or without our input. Plus, you need to clean out your closets at home or walk your dog.

1. It’s the Holiday Season, so go spread some cheer for a Merry Little Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year 2010! Which just wondering, will you pronounce it  two thousand ten or twenty ten? 

Okay so you can’t stand it. Here’s one more photo of the her in Virginia for Washington Life, during less strenuous times, in 2005.  I did her hair and don’t recall having to “iron it straight” as Givhan reported in the The Washington Post for the State Dinner. Maybe she had it done before this photoshoot. Ms. Salahi is amongst top equestrians in the shoot, probably because of Mr. Salahi”s polo playing.

Photo by Zaid Hamid









See, we are reading and writing about the crashers, when we should go find a long-lost friend and wish them a Happy Holiday!


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