2009 Farewells

Didn’t think a year ago, when Making Up America started, that there would be a need for a farewell to the subjects lost over the year. So it is with reflective sincerity to celebrate the lives of the three people, who made an impact on us.

Natasha Richardson

Photo by Getty Images

Natasha was a kind and gentle person to work with. She must be a heavenly angel.

Senator Ted Kennedy

 Photo by Mark Seliger for Vanity Fair






The Kennedy Dynasty dwindling but lives on through their history. Wonder how his dogs are fairing without their master. Like the pharaohs, maybe the dogs will be buried near their guiding light.


William Safire

Can’t find the photo from the April 2007 Vanity Fair shoot, where Safire showed with only 2 others from the Nixon Administration for “All The President’s Men” photoshoot spanning decades. He must be writing some witty tales enjoyed by fellow politico.

Rest your souls.



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