TIME’s Person of the Year for 2009

Photo by Dan Winters for TIME/Grooming by Susan Heydt

As makeup artists, stylists and photography crew, we rarely get more than a half hour of time to do makeup, style and photograph the powerful people of Washington, DC. This time around, at the Federal Reserve, things were definitely different. Something special was happening. The photoshoot was scheduled to go on for hours and into the next day at several locations, within the Federal Reserve Building and the Treasury Building. Could we be working with the Person of the Year? Speculation from columnist, George Will, was that Ben Bernanke would be the most influential to the economy of 2009. TIME magazine notes that people are chosen, for good or bad, because they influence the most important event of the year.

At the second day of the photoshoot, outside the Treasury Building, prior to any knowledge of the previous night’s alleged gate crashers at the White House, I arrived on the streets of Pennsylvania Ave. for security clearance at 8:15 a.m. Waiting outside in the misting rain, I enjoyed getting to know the photographer, Dan Winters and his crew. We admired the National Christmas Tree, yet to be lit. Our bags were sniffed by an adorable dog, with his own trainer and vehicle containing his crate and comfortable matting to rest on. Because my name was put on the list too close to the time of the shoot, the others entered the building, while I waited for almost 3 hours in total from the time of arrival. I thought I’d miss the job. The Federal Reserve Chairman was due to arrive in no time and I was stuck in a side entrance with no were to sit. At last, I was called to gain access with an escort, who lead me to the bank vault, where the photo shoot would take place. A fantastic shot was captured that had the possibility of being the cover. However, a fine artistic rendition of Ben Bernanke was chosen.

Chairman Bernanke was a man of few words. Rightly so, he keeps it simple. No small talk was exchanged. His mind must be crammed with facts and figures that makes it impossible to observe regular everyday comings and goings. Still, it was exciting to be doing grooming for the Person of the Year.

To view the photo gallery go to the following link…



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