DC Celebrities digging out just like you and me?

Okay so Washington, D.C. has some star power. However, when The Washington Post mentioned the “Celebrities”, who are stranded in this “snowmaggedon”, I realized that 3 of the people (Nancy O’Donnell, Alan Greenspan, and David Gregory) named plus Capitals and United fellow players I had done makeup for I don’t even register as celebrity. Not to say they are not important! Actually, their life stories and contribution to society are more influential than their status. Yet, I couldn’t  help but be let down with the title and significance that the journalists used with the term, “Celebrity” , which was seemingly intended to rouse interest in the reader. When I think “celebrity”, my mind goes to famous “A” list types (Obamas) not “D” list like (some White House staffer). The comments from readers flowed the same direction as mine.

Snow knows no discrimination but removal does. The logistics of allowing people free from the grip of the snow storm is a more appropriate discussion. How are those with medical health issues faring? What about the elderly? Pregnant mothers about to deliver? Those unfortunate souls without power? Animals unprepared for the storm? Travelers trying to get home? The list goes on and on.

To read the article go to the following link. See what you think about celebrities.


Maybe the star power elite of the region were not available to contribute to the article, or just wanted privacy at a time that they are most likely to get it. Either way, celebrity or not, we’ve got more shoveling to do because 10 more inches of the white stuff are on their way!

If you are a big fan of O’Donnell, please view the link from her cover for Pregnancy. Makeup and hair by Susan Heydt.


If you are a big fan of Gregory, I’m sorry to say that Men’s Vogue folded right before his big article and photo by Steve McCurry.

If you are a big fan of Greenspan, please see the Fortune link below for the most current interview and photo. Grooming by Susan Heydt.


Caps fans check out Ovechkin and other team mates in the ESPN Magazine video. Grooming by Susan Heydt.



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