Wizards of Waverly Place Found the Magic of Mason


Gregg Sulkin. Remember that name. You see the face. Now consider the acting. Forget that English actors are the #1 draw here at Making Up America. Don’t let teens and moms screaming in the background interfere with your chance to form your own opinion. If you get a chance to meet him, come armed with cherry flavored Haribos (they’re Gummy Bears that look like Bing cherries). Of course it sounds cuter when Gregg says it…”Ha-ree-bow-z”.

Disney Channel‘s newest heart-throb has amassed fans by appearing on  just two episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place alongside Selena Gomez and David Henry. What fan(atic)s may not know is how sincere, modest and grounded the British actor really is. As we know from Joseph Fiennes, Matthew Goode and Jim Sturgess, who are all distinguished English actors, Gregg Sulkin now checks in as the youngest fine example of  why English actors are better than most American actors (search entry “Top Ten Reasons” in this blog). Gregg could definitely play Emma Roberts’ sister or Julia Roberts’ son or nephew because he’s got that smile, like theirs, that brightens this D.C. winter’s blizzard induced doldrums.

Thank you Chris Rossi, Gregg’s publicist, for a fun event at Tyson’s Corner in Virginia. Chris was equally gracious and as impressive as the actor he represents. Okay, he’s American, so that’s good! He is a Solid Gold (Mom was a dancer on the hit show) choice for your child, if you need a PR guy.

Making Up America was on site for Wesley Snipes‘ press junket for Brooklyn’s Finest, when we got to meet Gregg for his taping for Fox News.

To view the Washington D.C. interview of Wesley Snipes go to:


To view the video of Gregg’s visit to Fox News go to:


An informal POLL :

Who wants to see more of Mason on Wizards of Wavelry Place?

Add your comment to this blog and we’ll forward it to Gregg’s publicist.


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