Alice Eve’s Out of Our League

Transporting herself with platform shoes any podiatrist would cringe over, wearing false eyelashes spread from ear to ear, and making her entrance with flowing, flouncey blonde locks, Alice Eve knows how to command attention. Sorry girls,  she ‘s even super nice and polite! You can’t hate her. Plus, she lives up to the idea that English actors are top (wo)man. Lucky for her fans, she mentioned, in passing, that she likes to work on American films. Look for her and Krysten Ritter in the film “She’s Out of My League” due out in March.

Unfortunately due to the title of the movie, I can’t get Patrick Swayze and the song from “Dirty Dancing” out of my head…

Feel her breath on my face,

her body close to me,

can’t look in her eyes,

She’s out of my league.

Just a fool to believe,

I have anthing she needs,

she’s like the wind…

Wonder if they used the lines from that song in the movie? Probably not. However, Dirty Dancing is worth watching again.

For photos of the ladies handing out Curbside Cupcakes, yesterday, around Capitol Hill check the following link.,0,6050330.photogallery


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