Kathryn Bigelow: A director, who gives us hope!

 UPDATE 3/8/10:
Congratulations to Kathryn for Best Director and Best Picture and Mark Boal Best Original Screenplay!  bigelow_edited-1

 Original post from 6/20/10

Kathryn Bigelow was once married to a man most people would recognize, James Cameron, director of  the blockbuster movie Titanic. That’s all I really knew about her prior to our meeting in Georgetown for the press junket for her movie Hurt Locker. The pleasant surprise was that, let’s just say, there is hope for all of us 40 and over to be extremely classy, beautiful, artsy and intelligent all wrapped into one. Ms. Bigelow, sharply dressed in a camel colored, brushed cotton, cropped blazer with a black tank and jeans, exudes all these qualities plus youthful energy at 57…yes… fifty seven years-old. She looks 10-15 years younger and couldn’t be sweeter. Of course, she probably started out with all these great qualities. It’s like athletes, who were talented in their youth, are still talented in later life. So, just because you may be in an “over 50” adult league, you are still playing against competitive athletes, who are still great for their age.

Kathryn respectfully and thankfully gave me “carte blanche” to enhance her striking features that were featured, at one time, in GAP ads. Earlier in her career, she studied to be an artist. As a director, she is respected for her take on masculine heroes. With all this beauty and brains, we should call her a Renaissance Woman.

Even the actors she selects carry a similar nonchalance. One cameo actor, Guy Pierce from Bedtime Stories, fits the super down-to-earth quality that Ms. Bigelow epitomizes. He wasn’t all caught up in the superstar trap. He was pleasant to work with and seemed to really care about people. Mr. Pierce talked about carefree days on a trip he had taken with his wife. He was a no-frills no fuss actor, who wanted to do his job well.

Checkout Ms. Bigelow and Mr. Pierce at www.imdb.com For more insight into the movie and the director,

Stephen Hunter wrote a piece about Kathryn Bigelow in The Washington Post at www.washingtonpost.com


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