Twilight’s Alex Meraz: Breathe (Not Just for Fans)

When the call came in for Twilight: New Moon, I felt I should be giddy from all the hype around the movie and book series. However, motivation was needed to drive a total of 9 hours to do grooming for an actor I hadn’t heard of because like Harry Potter, I had no personal interest in reading or viewing the cult following.

Thankfully, fans can take a deep breath and be assured that Alex Meraz  (werewolf “Paul”) was worth the effort.  A family man at heart (married with a two-year-old at home in Arizona), the actor was kind enough to chat in the lobby of the Hilton in Virginia Beach. Alex’s advice to dancers is to be in the moment and BREATHE. He cites Mel Gibson as his mentor, who told him acting is about the simple act of breathing. Alex assured that with age and time the words will have great meaning. My mind went to yoga and how the act of breathing is like stepping on the gas to give you energy, as is possibly the case for dancing and acting. Clearly, for Alex it’s working. In addition to his success in Twilight, he’s won awards for his dancing and was good enough to be asked to perform for Cirque de Soleil.

Click the link below to view a  video about Alex’s visit to Virginia.–New-Moon-Actors-visit-NAS-Oceana-89049432.html


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