This Archuleta Wins Votes for Spring Foolery Not Vocal Ability

They share the same name of Archuleta. David Archuleta being the famed American Idol runner-up, who will make an appearance on tonight’s show. Making Up America missed the chance to meet the singer/songwriter as the assignment to do David’s grooming, when he was in town last fall at the Patriot Center in Virginia was cancelled at the last-minute. For the latest on David go to his official website. 

However, we did get to do makeup for Steve Archuleta. He is a  retail shop owner brave enough to rally the historic Ellicott City, Maryland spring shoppers dressed as “Dan the Daffodil” at his store The Good Life Market. For housewares, check out the store at the link below the photo. Also, MUA recommends you go enjoy their Second Sunday Market for yummy treats (one farmer has a not-to-be-missed  Black Forest Fingers dessert) and fabulous finds (at Mon Amie and The Little French Market). 

makeup by Susan Heydt










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