Real Housewives of DC: Hoping Bravo TV Serves Real Down Home Goodness

The White House

It may be far-fetched to think Bravo will show Lynda Erkiletian’s truly good-natured side on the Real Housewives of DC.  As Making Up America stated previously, Lynda is a fine businesswoman and gracious host. We know there is no controversy there. Maybe she’ll be portrayed as a Cougar. Even that scenario is unfortunate. As entrepreneur and owner of  T.H.E. Artist Agency, Ms. Erkilatian grew her business for more than 20 years to be able to say the stylists she represents have worked at the White House, Capital Building, Supreme Court, Justice Department, Treasury Building and for a majority of the politicians, who control DC. She does have a direct line and trust from the people, who make Washington, D.C. a powerhouse. I personally thank her for making it possible for me to have met the President, First Lady, Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Supreme Court Justice, Senators, and Congresswomen. Of course, reality show viewers may not be interested in the mundane workings of D.C. Yet, there are many interesting stories about what makes the people of  Washington tick. Let’s hope the real down home good stories are served sometime during the show.

To view The Washington Post article go to the following link.

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