Personal Shopper for Brides-to-Be or You and Me: From Cosmetic’s Store to Your Door

Bridal Makeup by Susan Heydt

Photo by Jamie Windon

As the owner of  Suze Makeup,  my favorite part of personal shopping, besides playing dress up with makeup, is to play the role of “consumer advocate”. I take clients, like brides-to-be, into a Sephora or cosmetic’s department to find the best possible makeup for you. The whole process of selecting makeup that normally may be intimidating and overwhelming is narrowed down by me for you.  I might say to the salesperson, “No, we don’t need that.”  I may add, “We really want something with a bit less shimmer.”  While I like to connect with the artist in the store  to share the love of color or neutrals, you the client get to keep your wallet in tact. No giant vacuum noise here of your money being syphoned out to pay for big markup items that never go on sale.

Almost every cosmetic line has a true gem. I’ve sifted through the endless amount of makeup on the shelves to expose the right products for your color, skintype, and style.

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