Twilight: Bella’s Friend Angela Must Be Kept on the Back Burner

makeup by susan heydt

For the second time, Making Up America has encountered the twilight zone. First with the werewolf, Alex Meraz and now with Bella’s friend Christian Serratos. Diehard Twilight fans know who these actors are and characteristically put them in order of importance. Not the leads, but “stillllllll”. Right now we’d like to insert the film frame of Bella, Edward and Jacob that was given out with an autograph at the showing of Eclipse, but you’ll just have to understand that it is not possible. You can view the link below to see Christian’s interview at the DC Premiere.,0,2462181.story.

From what The Washington Post reported yesterday, Summit entertainment will not allow anyone to use photographs, promote anything as official merchandise or even use the wooded pines of Fork in an opening scene of a documentary.

Intellectual property law is a slippery slope. We just want to join in the discussion of why the Twilight series has teens and moms wrapped around its finger. Having viewed Eclipse for the opening 35 minutes, MUA‘s got a glimpse of the struggle between the two teams of Edward and Jacob. Has the spark been lit? Possibly since this blog is being written.

Relatedly, fans might like to know more about the actors outside of the movie  Twilight.  Some may be interested to learn how adept the 19 year-old Christian is at her own styling.  Many stars are not always capable of creating their image on their own. Agents, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, hair and many assistants go into creating the fabulous looks of Hollywood. Yet, Christian seems to have a nature interest and ability to find fun fashion, sometimes on a shoestring, for young adults. In addition, she can pull herself together with ease. Maybe she has a chance to expand her talents beyond acting.


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