MONEY Magazine picks Ellicott City/Columbia, Maryland as 2nd Best Place to Live

makeup by susan heydt/photo by pat molnar


Hooray for Ellicott City, Maryland! Money Magazine selected our fine town for one of the best places to live. Making Up America was there for the job of doing makeup for the cover shot of Ravens CFO, Mr. Jeff Goering and his family. Pride spilled over to giving a tour of the area for photographer Pat Molnar and photo director Ryan Cadiz. They thankfully took the recommendations to check out the Patapsco Female Institute’s ruins with the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company’s Father’s Day performance. Also visited were Merryweather Post Pavilion, The village of Wilde Lake, and Main Street in the Historic District of Ellicott City. Nestled within Main Street are offices, shops and restaurants. Check out for the makeup studio located along the intersection of Main and Old Columbia Pike.

Check the link below for behind-the-scenes shots from the cover of Money Magazine.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the Best Places to Live. Do you agree with the list? Eden Prairie, Ellicott City, and Newton made the top of the list. There’s also a list of the Best Places to Earn a Living, which included Washington, D.C. as third best.

Do you like your hometown? Do you think Diversity is an important measure for selecting the best places? One reader preferred a homogeneous neighborhood. Do you?


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