If You Are Prepared for Genius: See Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey and Laura Linney are American stage actors who are sneaky funny. You either get them or you don’t.

After a radio station met with significant interference from another nearby station prior to his interview, Kevin spoke in a monotone and robotic voice, “At the tone, the time will be 10:25 A.M.”  National listeners would have no idea what  he was talking about. For local listenters, privy to the information, one couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the minor prank he played on the station that asked him not to swear on air. Maybe he was trying to compensate for the restriction placed on him. Maybe it was how he seemed to question authority that made it so appealing. Either way, it was funny even when he said it a second time.

Since he has been “knighted” by her Majesty the Queen of England (although without the “Sir”  because foreign born recipients cannot be called “Sir”), he rightfully deserves respect. Kevin was one of my favorite people to style in DC. He has depth, wit, swave sense of aesthetic, naughtiness, intelligence and access to some powerful people. That is Kevin the citizen. Kevin, the actor, you know is two times an Oscar winner.

Aside from their humor, both Spacey and Linney take their work very seriously. They are the some of the few American Actors that emphasize the art of theater over the showmanship which often goes with movies.  That formula of stage over film, which English Actors seem to be born and bread on works well  in the case of Spacey and Linney. They are professionals, who are committed to the job. Where the two actors differ are in their comfort level in the spotlight. Laura Linney is a bit shy, whereas, Kevin seems to enjoy and understand the importance of working the crowd, is not afraid to mingle, and is not rushed to be somewhere else. When lunching recently in Washington, D.C. for the press junket for Casino Jack, Kevin insisted on sitting in the front windows of  a restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue instead of being wisked to the back in privacy.

photo by Getty Images/grooming by Susan Heydt at T.H.E Artist Agency for Smashbox

Casino Jack opens December 17, 2010.

For the link to IMDB go to:



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