English Actors vs. American Actors Revisited for Oscars

 Thinking  back to the Golden Globes, it was good to see the English-born Aussie, Guy Pearce, among the actors on the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais, not so much. Both men having been groomed by Making Up America on different occasions in the past and both being engaging and entertaining at the time, made this artist wonder how Mr. Gervais fell into the stinky bucket (is that how the Rotten Tomatoes started?*) when most, if not all, English Actors are revered by MUA. Maybe the distinction between English versus American Actors debate will have to be changed to Stage versus Film Actors. Yet, in this case, both men most likely have stage and film experience. It would be too simplistic to put actors into a “nice” versus “mean” bucket. Perhaps “genuine” versus “self-absorbed” is a better classification system as we look at the actors on Oscar Night.

* www.rottentomatoes.com

“Genuine” certainly describes American Oscar nominee Melissa Leo. She is a mom, who knows what is important in life. She is caring and self-deprecating. You really just want time to visit and share stories with her. If your favorite neighbor were up for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, they would be just like Ms. Leo.

***UPDATE: Congratulations Melissa Leo for winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress! Just didn’t expect the expletives!

For the link to ABC’s coverage go to…


On the other hand, if the girl you were jealous of in High School were up for Best Actress you should think of Aussie Nicole Kidman. Yet, despite what you might think, she is incredibly witty, smart, and unbelievably striking in person. How can a person’s skin resemble a porcelain doll? She does not go in the sun! If you caught a glimpse of Nicole, you’d likely be the first to swear off rays no matter how important Vitamin D is to sustaining your health.

If you are thinking of a mix Neighbor + Most Popular= Girl Next Door, you must go with Italian born to American  parents, Amy Adams. She has both attributes. Can she really be that sweet? Yup!

Irregardless, English or American celebrities are human beings with likable characteristics and sometimes not so desirable characteristics just like you and I. Don’t know that we would swear on television, however, we don’t know what it’s feels like to win an Oscar.


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