Career Week at School: Move Over Architects, Scientists, and Dentists Here Comes the Makeup Artist

That’s right. Move on over all expected career week presenters. The classroom was full for the Makeup Artist’s presentation.  The students came to hear about an unconventional career. And why not? With the proper education and funding in today’s economy, maybe if they get a business started it can grow and be successful. Harvard grads are bailing and moving to the islands to run surf shops. Could the future job outlook create highly educated and properly trained entrepreneur’s? Before you get too excited, read Entrepreneur’s Equation by Carol Roth. She’ll talk students out of starting their own business. Her advice reminds me of a “getting started in acting” book. Like the acting book, if you are crazy enough to keep reading about how impossible it is to succeed as an actor than you probably won’t mind learning about succeeding as an entrepreneur.

When I was growing up in Ohio, the presenter at our school was an Indy Race Car Driver. Akron is know for tires and I guess it was appropriate to have a Firestone Tires rep at career week. He was not your conventional presenter. As far as I know, not one of us students went on to race cars for a living. The beauty of presenting lies in the eyes of the beholder, opening up the students’ minds to the possibilities that exist. What did you enjoy playing as a 12 yr-old? With no restrictions placed on you, what were you doing in your free time? A Boston College professor in a counseling psychology class posed those similar questions to our master’s level students. At that moment, the “light bulb effect” happened for me and a Celebrity Makeup Artist was born. Think hard about it. What were you doing?

Value your passion and commit to your success.


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