Prom Makeup

Prom has become a major event that is like a practice round for weddings. Young ladies take Prom as a serious effort. Dresses costing as much as $400.00 are purchased up to 4 months in advance and tagged as uniquely theirs. Hair takes center stage with partial updo’s leading the way. When it comes to the face, makeup artists add a polished look to finish off the entire ensemble.

With emotions running high, when getting ready for Prom it pays to have a professional guide you through the day. Confidence is key. The girls aren’t used to being dressed up and walking in high heels. Add hair, fittings, and accessories and it’s no wonder nerves are raw. Thankfully, with patience and reassurance the emphasis finally leans towards having a fun evening with friends.

Which one of these gorgeous young ladies had their makeup done by Celebrity Makeup Artist Susan Heydt? From left to right (1,2, or 3) leave your choice in comments.


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