Huntsman: A family man enters the Presidential race

Presidential hopeful, Jon Huntsman has a dedicated family, who seem poised to make the run for the coveted office.  The shoot for the New York Times Magazine was a first for MUA in that I had access to a politician’s family members beyond just their spouses. Happily, the Huntsman family members were a gracious, warm and delightful bunch. Although there is much to learn in the coming days about Mr. Huntsman’s opinions and interests, he appears to be relaxed and surprisingly different than most politicians. Mr. Huntsman is almost unpolitcal in his approach and yet at the same time has a quiet commanding presence. Look for  him to get into the first tier soon, especially if his financial backing can compete with the other candidates making a stab at garning the Republican interest. At that point, the race may get tougher for the others to win.

photo by richard burbridge | grooming by susan heydt

As long as he is in the race, Mr. Huntsman has a better than average chance to compete. Because the political atmosphere blows in many directions depending on the time and conditions often out of a candidate’s reach, it’s certainly worth a try to run for President if you’ve got the money and the stamina.

The link to the New York Times Magazine article is below.


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