Elizabeth Olsen: Potentially the Next Laura Linney

washington post photo by matt mclain/makeup by susan heydt

Lizzie Olsen liked the soft natural light streaming in the windows of the Ritz Carlton Georgetown for her makeup session, which was  in preparation for her day of interviews and photoshoots for her upcoming “Martha” et al movie. A makeup artist’s dream come true is to have a subject notice that light is the most important factor when applying a natural look. Ms. Olsen’s knack for knowing what’s important in navigating life may be related to the fact that she is an unknown actor, who waited to burst onto the scene.

Making Up America enjoyed the chance to compare this rising superstar to a former and equally likeable client, Laura Linney (search this blog for the story about her). The two both share an intelligent approach to acting that seems to incorporate the depth of their individual spirits mixed with technique. Neither seemed interested in the spotlight. Both relished in observing people as normal citizens and enjoying their day-to-day adventures. Where they differ may be that Ms. Linney trained primarily on and loves the stage and Ms. Olsen has experienced mostly television and movies. Interestingly, they both probably share the same “psychological age”, which brings kudos to both.

Looking forward to seeing more movies starring both of these women. Maybe someone will cast them together!

For the link to the USA Today’s article about Elizabeth Olsen click below.



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