Making Up a Princess

“Her Royal Highness’ are three words that Making Up America only needed to know how to use one time before.  Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York and former Royal Family member was in DC on a book tour several years ago and needed makeup. Technically, the title was relevant only before her divorce from Prince Andrew. Now we flash forward to today and find that the need to be current on the etiquette of how to properly use HRH extends to other clients. Even though Americans do not have a Royal Family, being around some Hollywood actors and Presidential Families comes close to the feeling of working for nobility. Yet, with a Princess, there is a special spark and preconceived idea of a magical fairy tale even for those less inclined to gush over such things.

How do you handle a real life Princess?

With the same care and concern for a commoner, I approached a Princess. Thankfully and rather luckily, the American Way works with modern day royalty. We are all connected and live in this world. Whether you are a Queen or a comman man; a Celebrity Artist or a struggling artist,  treating one another with respect and admiration makes life pleasant.

Best wishes to her as she prepares for her wedding day! Hopefully, they’ll decide to get married in Georgetown.


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