Campbell’s Courageous Cowboy’s Family


Glen Campbell with his daughter Ashley playing in his farewell tour.

Very few clients really get the nuance of what I do as a makeup artist. Fewer yet are so clearly present in the moment as the interaction between subject and artist unfolds in preparation for presenting people in their best light.  With Glen Campbell and company, my heart and mind was touched by their courage and use of humor to enjoy life as they know it. The concert performed by Glen and his children left me clapping, stomping and crying.

Having done makeup on many celebrities in a range of fields with various personalities, I was overjoyed to find that all the members of the Campbell family were light when needed and strong when appropriate. Mr. Campbell joyfully mimicked my silly faces, as I set out with my work to prep his face with open eyes open wide and stretching long in the mouth to encourage the same in my clients so I can reach in the nooks and crannies. Think of making monkey faces here. The revelation that someone “gets it” came over me to stop me cold in my tracks. A simple act speaking volumes. My previous knowledge of Alzheimers was limited to 16 years ago, in passing, from a Master’s class description. Intrigued to learn more and the outlook forever optimistically changed, I commend the family and the association for raising awareness and showing that love can conquer all adversity.

Campbell’s family is on his goodbye tour through July.


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