How to Effectively Clean Your Glasses: From a Pro Photographer’s Assistant

   Here’s a practical piece of advice which came from Jeff Riedel’s photo assistant while on set at a GQ photoshoot.

How many of you are glass wearers? Secondly, how often have you tried to clean your glass lenses to no avail? Don’t thank me, thank Hal for this simple and handy way to rid your glasses of smudges.

Take ordinary liquid soap and water and rub it on your lenses. Dry off with any soft material. No fancy sprays, solutions or cloth needed! Imagine that guy in those commercials for Sham Wow or the Staples’ “Easy Button”. It’s that simple  because as Hal explained, lenses have a surface that the soap can get into and in between to lift out the grime.

Thanks Hal. “I can see clearly now the (g)rain has gone”!! Think of the 1972 hit that makes everbody happy.



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